Thursday, July 10, 2008

Work Party Weekend!

So how did you spend the Fourth of July weekend? We spent ours getting down and dirty. It's siding time!! We were fortunate enough to have 3 other couples come over and help us put siding on the house.

Here we are at the start of the weekend right before the rain shower started.

Karl, Sally (Jelly), Leslie (Rascal), Mark, Don, Debi, Patti & Tim (Rivers & Sara)

We decided to head into town for some supplies while we waited for the rain to stop. After lunch, the skies cleared and we started off by wrapping the house and then trimming out the windows.

Is Mark supervising?

Windows with trim

Don working up high

Another side with wrap

That brought the end of work day #1 to an end. Time for a shower and a cold beverage!

Saturday morning, we began with the first courses of siding...

Siding Commences!

Several hours side (except for the gable end) is complete! Wow! This was a hard side to do. All of the windows and the door made for lots of cuts and trimming. Our work crew rocked!

First Side Done (sort of)

Feeling rather proud of ourselves, we moved on to house side number two. This side went much quicker since there weren't as many cuts to do. End of work day #2. Time for a shower and a cold beverage!

Side Two Done!

Sunday kicked off with Karl, Mark & Leslie getting in some early morning fishing. Back at the ranch, the remaining work crew started in on side #3. Mark & Leslie had to leave for home after the fishing trip while the rest of the gang pressed on to finish the final side. By 4 p.m., we were almost done.

Side Three Complete

Almost Done!

Getting Close!

Measuring for final pieces

Teamwork in Action

Finally, we finished for the weekend and time for what else? A shower, a cold beverage and some well deserved relaxation!

Debi, Don & Karl

Patti & Tim

We couldn't have gotten as much done without our great friends. Thanks!! We think we're gonna name the place the "Chicken Dance Ranch". Long story, but rest assured, if you don't know the dance when you arrive, you'll know it by the time you leave.

Next up, finishing the gable ends and putting siding on the guest cabin.

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