Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our First Weekend

Last weekend we stayed on the property for the first time. We drove over Saturday afternoon which was earlier than planned. We figured this would give us more time Sunday morning at Leader Lake to fish before meeting with David to get the keys.

Camper next to Guest Cabin

After taking the camper off, we had a small campfire but the rain put a quick end to it. Karl decided to go to bed early while I looked at the house plans. The rain moved on towards the eastern horizon and left a unique rainbow in it's wake. I got Karl out of bed to see it before it disappeared.


Sunday morning dawned bright and beautiful. Jelly spent some time chasing the chipmunks and marmots near the house.

Jelly playing on the rocks


David showed up and we were able to get the keys early. We made plans to do another Q&A session with him at 3 pm later that day. Then it was off to Leader to get some fishing in and hopefully catch some fish for dinner. Fish Tacos were on the menu. We ended up with a total of six crappies and bluegills that was just the right amount for dinner. We couldn't remember how to make the white sauce so we settled for salsa verde. It just wasn't the same.

On Monday, we were scheduled to go to Nespelem to transfer the building permit on the house. David showed up around 8:30 with news that we wouldn't need to do it per a phone conversation he had with the permit office. That saved us a two hour trip over and back to Nespelem.

Karl and I took the opportunity to see Omak Lake. Karl described it as a mini-Lake Tahoe. When approaching from the north end, you arrive on a road elevated high above the surface of the lake. We found an access point to the lake and drove down a very windy road. The water was crystal clear and the cliffs quite scenic although the beach area left something to be desired. It was pretty trashy which was sad to see.

We were able to get an early start home that allowed for a stop in Winthrop at Sheri's to get an ice cream cone. It was a good weekend.

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