Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Remember Whensday No. 18 - Rona Court

This week for Remember Whensday, it's me and my siblings. The picture was taken on Rona Court in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

Sally, Karen & Rick
October 1969

We moved there when I was in the fifth grade and spent the next six years there. My sister, brother and I all shared a bedroom but it was large one.

When we first moved to Rona Court, it was a brand new apartment complex and we were the first to live in our apartment. It was a ground floor unit. Over time, more buildings were added and then the swimming pool where we spent our summers.

My first job ever was at Rona Court. I delivered the local newspaper, the Maryland Gazette, to the subscribers in the complex as well as the houses in the neighborhood. I wanted a bike so that is how I earned money. The Gazette only came out once, maybe twice a week, so it took quite a while to save for the bike. Eventually I took on a daily paper route. Up and down the steps in the apartment building, every day, seven days a week! Oh to be that fit again.

Life was fun at Rona Court. Lots of kids to play with and of course the pool in the summer. We were a suntanned bunch of kids. I remember building forts in the nearby woods. We were in the flight path for what is now Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) Airport. Funny how one grew accustomed to the noise of the jets continuously flying overhead.

It was kind of sad to move away from friends, but we moved to a house with 3 bedrooms which meant getting our little brother out of our room. And of course, we made new friends in the neighborhood.

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I hope to get back to posting daily soon. Things have been hectic with work and at home so I haven't been taking many pictures, much less posting them. I miss my blogging but currently am dealing with other priorities in life.


Gaelyn said...

What a wonderful memory from your childhood. It's always hard to move away from friends, but kids usually have no problem make new friends. What a treat not to have to share a bedroom with your brother.

Have missed you. But certainly understand that life comes before blog.

Michelle Johnson said...

You guys look so cute lined up against the wall like that. I lived in an apartment complex once while waiting on my parent's house to be built. I didn't love it like you show here. But, it wasn't all bad either. Have a great night.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hi, I'm Regina and I'll be submitting one shortly. This was a fun read and a great way to share a piece of your history. I'm sure that bike was worth every penny! Fantastic.
Mine is also in the 60's. Anyway, have a great day-

Evelyn Howard said...

It's a really nice photo, and thanks for sharing your story. Great to have lots of friends to play with growing up...

Pyatshaw said...

Little brothers are a real pain when they're small (I have one but now he's one of my best friends!) At one point in our lives we lived in a cottage on my grandfather's farm. It had one bedroom (my parents) and my 2 brothers and I shared a double bed, sleeping across the way. I was about 5 then.