Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Remember Whensday No. 21 - Happy Halloween

Time for another entry in the Remember Whensday meme. This week it's Gregg at Halloween. This picture wasn't dated but it looks like it is from his pre-school days in the mid-80's.

Back in those days, I was a single parent barely making it from paycheck to paycheck. I vaguely remember the clown costume. This was definitely a homemade one. I remember sewing strings of scrap yard to an old blue knit hat for "clown hair". I can't recall if I bought the striped suit at a thrift shop or sewed it from an old bedsheet. Wherever it came from, he made a cute clown and he was happy.

Gregg (center) and schoolmates at Halloween

Halloween sure isn't what it used to be when I was a kid. I remember trick or treating with a paper grocery sack and coming home with it full of candy, apples and popcorn balls. Of course, we only wanted to eat the candy.

Nowadays, trick or treating is mostly done at the neighbors you know. Safety prevails. I am disheartened by adults trick or treating under the pretense of doing for their kids. Yes, we've had them show up sans children. I also don't approve of the older teenagers out trick or treating either. If adults want to celebrate Halloween, they should have their own party. Common sense seems be disappearing.

One of my favorite Halloween memories was when I was in my early twenties and going to the haunted house. I watched the Chainsaw Massacre movie when I was a teenager and it scared the heck out of me. At this particular haunted house, part of the journey took you through the haunted woods. Out jumped a fellow holding a chainsaw (the chain was removed) and touched my leg with it. I screamed and ran and near about passed out. At the time I was very shook up, but now I can laugh about it. What a wuss I was!

Thanks for sharing in my Halloween memories. To read what others are sharing, visit the Remember Whensday meme.


Gaelyn said...

Gregg's clown costume is great. Seems like we always made a costume from what was available, not spend a fortune.
Hope all is well.
Thanks for the memory, and the meme.

Cezar and Léia said...

Beautiful indeed, wonderful story dear friend!
This picture is so lovely!

Sallie(FullTime-Life) said...

NOW I'm in a Halloween mood. That's what it should be all about.

Thanks for doing the meme Sally.

Evelyn Howard said...

I think Greggs clown hair is really really nice. He's cute in the photo.

Nice story about how Chainsaw Massacre spooked you. I've never seen it, and I don't intend to - I'm a wuss!

Hildred and Charles said...

I agree with you about Halloween, - it was nicer in the olden days. We lived on the prairies and used to call for Halloween Apples - I was surprised to see kids out collecting candy and sweets when I moved West.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Sally: I got cute comments from our oldest grandson and youngest son about my latest remember whensday post! I told them that the whole Internet Blogging thing was just a plot by grandmothers to get the younger generation interested in all our old pictures ;>).

Seriously though -- I even like my own old pictures better when they're in the blog with a story to go with. Thanks again for giving all of us this grest idea!

Pyatshaw said...

We, too, always made our own costumes but now everyone seems to buy them--not nearly so much fun! Once I made a pantomime horse costume for 2 of my children. It had green foam rubber ears--only thing I had that would stand erect!