Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Colonial Creek

Colonial Creek - North Cascades Highway
A couple of months ago, I went over to the Okanogan house for a much needed rest period. On the way back across the North Cascades Highway, I stopped at Colonial Creek to practice my photography skills. I've been trying to shoot running water to get that soft effect.

Most of my attempts went into the digital recycle bin, but I did like this one. The manual settings I used were as follows:

ISO Speed: 200
F-Stop: f/14
Aperture: f/4.8

It was a very shaded spot just in case you were wondering. What do all these settings mean? Heck if I know. I'm still learning and find it hard to keep one thing straight from another. It's fun practicing though.


JC said...

I like that ...
I haven't driven that way in a long time ..

Webster said...

I like that, too. It's a nice photo.

Stine in Ontario said...

Ha! You made me laugh. :) First you sound like you know what you're talking about and then admit that you don't! Funny, but I know just how you feel. LOL

Gaelyn said...

Well the image is great, no matter what you did. I too have tried to figure out how to make the fast moving water like a soft blur. So what does all that stopping for F something?
Okanogan for a rest sounds delightful. And of course the N Cascades can be soothing in their rugged grandeur.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

prkl, Finland said...

I believe your exif-data was bit off there Sally. Right would be; M(anual mode), f(-stop)14, (shutter speed) 1/5sec, ISO(speed)200 and (focal lenght) 45mm.

Photos like this you want long shutter speed that allows water to move during exposure. That you've achieved quite well here. Especially concidering relative fast shutter speed. Water is running very fast in that stream.

It seems that you've focused that mossy rock at bottom left hand corner. Everything else is bit soft. You would've been better off focusing the rock above it. Smaller f (bigger number) would given you more depth of the field. And longer shutter speed. Use of wide angle end of your zoomlens (or wide prime lens) gives you maximum depth of the field.

All and all pretty neat, especially if this is your among your first attemps to this kind of photograpy. Would change more than maybe that Nikon. You infidel. ;)

Sally in WA said...

I told you prkl I didn't know what the hell it all meant or what I was doing. It was a fluke this even came close to turning out. Thanks for the tips for future attempts. I'll even try to remember to take stupid manual with me to help explain it all better.

Small City Scenes said...

Well it turned out nicely Sally. I have no idea what all that gibberish means either. I just point and shoot.

Have a happy turkey day and weekend. MB

chrome3d said...

Good settings you had there as the water is so full of live. An untamed natural small beast.

Cars is a fun movie. My kids watch it all the time and I have seen it about 50 times now. It still feels fresh because it has a strong story underneath it all.

Vicky said...

Great shot. I agree with prkl, he wrote a very detailed and helpful comment. Thanks for sharing