Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bake Me a Cake...For Friends

I thought I would share a couple more cakes that I have done for co-workers over the past couple of weeks.

For Nancy's cake below, I tried to use gum paste / fondant decorations but did not allow them to dry long enough. When I covered the cake overnight in my cake carrier, the moisture from the cake made the decorations all droopy. The leaves and flowers all went flat on top of the cake. Bummer. But chalk it up as another lesson learned. It still looked fine and tasted delicious.

Nancy's Birthday Cake

Two co-workers, one who used to work in our western Washington office who now lives in France and another from our French office, recently got married over here. They hosted a BBQ at work and we just had to have a cake for the event. I was asked if I wanted to do a cake and since it is good practice for me, I jumped at the chance.

Nico & Katie's Cake

This was another torted sheet cake - vanilla cake with my secret vanilla filling, and buttercream icing. I used the Cornelli lace technique along with the Wilton rose. A reverse shell border on the top and a basic shell border on the bottom with color coordinated dots completes the cake. Nico and Katie took the left over cake home to share with their family - they like it that much! Come to find out, this was their "wedding cake" since they didn't have the traditional cake at their reception.

Using recipes found on, I have steadily been tweaking my buttercream recipe. No more Wilton basic buttercream for me. At least outside of class.

Using a tip from my cake class teacher, I have become a fan of the Cake Mix Doctor, too. Anne Byrn takes your basic box cake mix and "doctors" it up to taste more like cakes made from scratch. I primarily use Duncan Hines cake mixes (no added pudding) and then add in sour cream, vanilla yogurt or flavored instant puddings just to name a few things. It must be good because my co-workers and friends sure do enjoy eating my cakes. I recently acquired a few books by the Cake Mix Doctor with recipes and other tips so who knows what I will bake next. I'm hankering for an Orange Creamsicle Cake or a Lemon Cake, filling and icing concoction. Ooh la la!

At some point, I will probably start baking from scratch, but for now, starting with a box cake mix has been working for me.

I'm still taking another Wilton course, so stay tuned for an update from that class in the very near future.

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Gaelyn said...

Well, once again they all look good enough to eat and then some.
I enjoyed a glutten free cake today made by FabGrandma that was So good that I couldn't tell there was no flour. Of course the raspberry filling and yummy frosting helped too.