Sunday, June 12, 2011

North Cascades Highway is Open!

On May 25th, the North Cascades Highway re-opened for the season. Yay! We are able to cut an hour's drive time off our trip to the CDR, not to mention having a scenic and much more relaxing trip across the mountains.

There was still a lot of snow up there when we crossed on the 28th.

See how deep the snow is by the sign?
Heading down towards Boulder Creek
Liberty Bell with a dusting of snow
Driving through one of the Liberty Bell avalanche chutes at Washington Pass
Road cut through the "Annex" below the Liberty Bell avalanche chutes


Sylvia K said...

Hard to believe it's the middle of JUNE!!! What a gorgeous drive though and your photos are terrific, Sally!! Hope you've had a great weekend and a great week ahead!


Gaelyn said...

That's a beautiful drive at any time yet Very dramatic with all that snow.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Spring is here! Hooray Hooray! Lovely last (I hope) glimpse of winter here though -- thanks for sharing.