Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Remember Whensday No. 35 - We're Number 4!

This week for the Remember Whensday meme, it's Karl at the Everett Silvertips hockey game. A couple of years ago, Karl and I went to a game along with two other couples. During the breaks in between periods, there is some form of entertainment. On this particular night, Karl was part of the entertainment.

Karl was on his way to the restroom to use the facility when he was asked if he wanted to participate in a game. He thought it was going to be the one where somebody tries to hit the puck through the hole in board and win a prize. So he said sure but he REALLY needed to use the restrooom first. No problem, he was told. Off he goes to participate.

Unfortunately, while he was using the facilities, the instructions for the game were being given to the other 3 participants. He came in at the very end to learn he was going to put a puzzle together. Then he was handed a hula skirt and straw hat to wear. The Washington State Lottery was giving away lottery tickets with a chance to go to Maui, Hawaii.

Karl @ the Everett Silvertips Game (far right in plaid shirt)

The four players go out to center ice where each one will race to one of the corners and put a 9 piece puzzle together. Little did Karl know the other participants were shown the completed puzzle which was a picture of a lottery ticket. He also missed the instructions that as soon as the first person had their puzzle together and was racing back to center ice, everyone else was supposed to race back, too. All four players run to their corners and begin to assemble their puzzle. Karl's working on his and doesn't see the other 3 players running back to center ice. He's still working on the puzzle. From the crowd he hears, "Run, dumba$$, run!" He looks up and figures he'd better get back to center ice, too.

When he got back to the stands after the game, our little section was chanting "We're number 4! We're number 4!" It was hilarious and Karl was a really good sport about it all.

He ended up winning two very nice sets of luggage and some lottery tickets that added another $30 in winnings. Not bad.

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Gaelyn said...

What a funny story. Karl looks pretty good in a skirt. Glad he's a good sport.

Anonymous said...

nice lil story, he sure sounds like a real sport. reminded me of one pretty similar situ i was in way back in da day. thanks for da laughf and da trip down da memorylane! :)

did you know that your lastname means meaningless/stupid hill/mountain in dutch? :)

Anonymous said...