Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Remember Whensday No. 38 - Our Truck Camper

It was almost 5 years ago today that Karl and I got our truck camper. We had gone to the Seattle RV Show looking at new campers but really didn't want to plunk down the money for one. Just as we were getting ready to leave the show, we looked at the Pastime camper display. They were reasonably priced (compared to some of the others) and looked suitable for our needs. But we weren't ready to sign any papers.

A day later, I was scanning the on-line RV classifieds and found a Pastime that was the same model that we were interested in but 3 years old for almost half the cost of a new one. Plus it was set up for a short-bed truck which was what we had. The camper was being sold by a private owner about 2 hours away from where we lived. Road trip!

Karl and I went down to the Lacey, WA area to look at the camper. It was just what we wanted! We pretty much bought it on the spot. Unfortunately, our truck was not equipped to carry the camper so we weren't able to bring it home that day.

We used the next week to get the truck ready and drove back to Lacey to pick up our new camper.

First Time on the Truck

Our camper has given us many good memories - several trips to California, one across the country, many weekends at local campgrounds, plus it also serves as our "home base" while we build the house in North Central Washington. We've made a few modifications during the past several years to put our personal touch on it.

Sometimes I'd like a newer camper with a slide-out to have the extra space, but our little camper does the job and still fits our needs.

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Gaelyn said...

That's a really sweet camper Sally, bigger and newer than my antique. Like those steps. I agree, a slide out would be nice, but maybe not worth the Big $$.