Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Remember Whensday No. 37 - Joshua Tree National Park

One of my favorite spots in the United States is Joshua Tree National Park in California. Two deserts come together in Joshua Tree. One is the Colorado Desert, the other is the Mojave.

It's been a few years since I've been able to visit so I'm pulling out some of the memorable photos from a trip to JT that Karl took.

A particular enjoyable locations in the park for me has always been Jumbo Rocks. There is a nice hiking trail that Karl and I have taken a couple of times. One day, we got up at o'dark thirty and headed into the park and the Jumbo Rocks area. We watched the sun come up while sitting in this area. The rising light on the rocks made for an enjoyable morning as well as some great photo opportunities.

Sunrise in Jumbo Rocks

There are definitely some fascinating rocks formations - some well known, some not.

Skull Rock

Do you see the face?

My favorite - Cat Rock
Do you see the cat washing itself?

I hope I get to visit Joshua Tree again soon. It soothes my soul.

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James said...

I love those rock formations. They are amazing!

Gaelyn said...

JT is certainly one of my favorite western parks. I've camped a few times at Jumbo Rocks and White Tank. It's a stark and beautiful environment. Thanks for sharing these memories Sally.

JC said...

Purrfect ^,,^

Anonymous said...

lovely mom nat sculptures, ab fab :)