Monday, February 16, 2009

Made it to Warsaw

I made it to Warsaw today. I did have a slight hiccup coming through security in Copenhagen.

Three of us in our group had dial calipers (which is a measuring device) in our carry-on bags. Security considered it a tool and said we would need to check our luggage through to Warsaw. So out of the secured area we went to find the counter to check baggage. We put all three calipers in my suitcase.

Once that was accomplished, then it meant going back through Security. We are getting pretty good at this. :-)

On the flight from Seattle to Copenhagen, I made the newbie mistake of having a window seat. My seatmate fell asleep and I was trapped in mine until he woke up. This is NOT good when Mother Nature calls.

I have already made a seat change for the return flight home so that I don't have to experience that again.

I did get some pictures today but am too tired to post. Tomorrow - I promise!

And it was snowing a little in Copenhagen and there is about 4-6 inches on the ground in Warsaw.

Now, I am off to bed!

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