Sunday, February 8, 2009

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Today I spent the better part of the day (in between loads of laundry) learning how to use Adobe's Photoshop CS2.

Karl is a Photoshop wizard and me, well...I know how to start the program and that's about it. I have always been intimidated by Photoshop. No more.

A co-worker graciously loaned me a DVD with tutorials on it. Wow! Just the lessons I watched today made me feel a little more comfortable using the program. I actually learned a few basic things in Photoshop like cropping, color correction and adding a custom brush (for my signature).

I used a picture I shot this morning as the sun was coming up over the lake to practice on.

I also re-learned that I need to use the tripod in low light conditions since most of my photos did not turn out. Live and learn.

Here is the original picture, only resized to upload faster.


And here is the photo after working in Photoshop. I corrected the color and cropped it as well.


I think it looks better than the original and is more representative of the colors in the morning sky.

Just like anything, practice makes perfect and I've got a LOT of practicing to do.

Time to go -- the dryer has stopped!


Caprice Epps, Realtor said...

Sally in Wa
Lovely shot! I actually like the vibrant colors in the original but the cropping in the photoshopped pic adds to the pic.
I had to learn PS for work a few years ago but it's such a huge program I know very little. I should get a tutorial!
Thanks for visiting my blog- hope to see you there again!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I need a DVD to learn PSE...