Sunday, February 1, 2009

Just Say NO!

Recently, two puppy mills were found within an hour's drive from my house. More than 600 dogs were rescued from deplorable conditions.

Just yesterday in the the town I live in, a suspected third puppy mill was raided.

The root of this evil? GREED. One operation alone was claimed to be bringing millions of dollars to the owners.

If you want to get a dog or cat, please consider adopting from your local animal shelter or rescue organization. If you have a particular breed you want, contact a purebred rescue groups or a reputable breeder. Ask your vet for a reference if you don't know of one. If you do buy from a breeder, VISIT THEM. See how they are raising their dogs.

The Humane Society has some great tips about adoption on their website.

Whatever you do, stay away from pet stores selling pure bred or "designer" dogs. Just say "NO!" Stop lining the pockets of these nasty people.

Both of our dogs are rescues. Jelly was adopted from a shelter in Arizona, and Buddy came from one in California via the Big Dog Project in Silverdale, WA. We found Buddy on Our KC cat was adopted from S.P.O.T. who is helping to care for many of the dogs rescued last week.

Buddy & Jelly ask that you please help stop puppy mills

To find out how you can help, contact your local animal shelter or rescue group. Donations of money, food or bedding, or volunteering a couple of hours of your time are always welcomed.


dreameyce said...

Eeek! they are so adorable! I went through your blog hoping you had pup pics! (I'm a total dogaholic *G*)

Anonymous said...

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