Monday, April 20, 2009

Gimme a bath!

The cover came off the camper yesterday. Last fall when we put the camper to bed for the winter months, we didn't wash the bugs off from the last trip we took of the season. Bad camper owners! Poor thing had to sit all winter with bug crud.

The thing with truck campers is the bugs just funnel up over the cab of the truck and plaster the front underside of the camper. Splat!! Splat!! Splat!! The bigger the bug, the bigger the splat. Ewwww.

Bug stripe anyone?

All the way across the front - Bug Cemetery

When I came home from work today, the camper got a bath. And a good scrubbing, too. It's not perfect. I need to go to the local RV supply dealer and get some black streak remover, but it is still MUCH better than before.

I also need to put a coat of wax on the camper. For now, the camper is ready to be seen in public.

Look ma - no bugs!

All Shiny & Clean

The truck on the other hand...


okanogangirl said...

so when you coming over????

chrome3d said...

Looks like a much needed spring cleaning! Funny how they concentrate on one spot.