Friday, April 3, 2009

Ice to Nice

Today my morning started off rather chilly. When I went out to go to work, there was a fine layer of ice on the car. It looked neat so I snapped a few shots of it.

Morning Ice Layer

By the late afternoon, the sun made it's appearance and warmed things up nicely. I took the dogs down to the lake and you could see how low the snow level was on the hills to the east.

Low Snow Level

Tomorrow is supposed to be very similar. Cold in the morning (around 37 degrees F) but climbing up to the upper 50's in the afternoon. And sunny! Woo hoo!! I'm planning on giving the car a much needed bath.


kRiZ cPEc said...

the view of the lake is great, thanks for sharing

George said...

The pattern of the ice on your car is very interesting. And I really like your lake photo.

okanogangirl said...

Happy Spring!!! Are you like me, do you carry your camera everywhere? LOL! Great eye to catch the ice patterns -