Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sweet Sunday

Yet again, we had another beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest. It was just over 70 degs F this afternoon. I could easily get spoiled by this weather. Alas, I know it won't last as rain is due in again within a couple of days.

Yesterday evening, we were up the street at our friends' house. It was a wonderful sunset. I took a ton of pictures which I am saving for a possible Skywatch post later this week. However, I will share this one.

I liked this one because it looks like the bird feeder has a light in it although it is just the last rays of the sun making it appear that way.


Our youngest son, Ryan, is house-sitting there for six weeks.

Dad & Ryan

The next picture is one of our two cats. Her name is Baby Girl . She loves to purr and drools like mad when she does. She adopted us not too long after we moved into our house.

She was lounging on the front porch today underneath a fern.

Baby Girl

At first, you could not get near her. She was extremely skittish and the least little movement would send her scurrying away.

With lots of patience and food, it got to where we could touch her, but that was the extent of the contact.

Slowly but surely, it got to the point where you could sit outside with her in your lap and she would knead and purr. But don't dare bring her inside! She'd freak out.

To make a long story short, Baby Girl now uses the pet door and comes in at night and sleeps next to my side of the bed. In the morning, back out she goes unless it is super cold. Then she stays in all day.

She's got the sweetest disposition and loves to be petted. She does not like to be chased by the dogs and unfortunately Jelly thinks sometimes that is her job. But Baby Girl can hold her own against Jelly.

We took advantage of the great weather to grill and eat dinner outdoors for the first time this year.

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