Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Foliage - Part 2

Your fall foliage tour continues with our trip across Loup Loup Pass west of Okanogan, through the Methow Valley and across the North Cascades Highway.

More Views Along Highway 20

Traveling up towards Loup Loup Pass, the tamarack trees were in the midst of preparing for winter. The first year I saw this, I thought the trees were dying. Evergreens weren't supposed to drop their needles like deciduous trees drop their leaves. This is one tree that does! Yellow patches dotted the surrounding evergreen forests as we journeyed westward.

Turning Tamaracks

The Methow Valley had some beautiful fall scenery.

Welcome to the Methow

Birch Stands

Magnificence in Mazama

As we entered the Park Complex, the rain began to fall so you'll have to excuse some of the raindrops that show up on the pictures.

The outside temp was dropping as we got closer and closer to the pass. We could see the fresh layer of snow at the higher elevations but we still had rain where we were. Would it be snowing at the pass?

Heading Towards Washington Pass (notice the snow in background)

As we reached the pass, the rain was just a light drizzle and the temp was 36 degrees. The road surface was clear but you could see a light accumulation on the ground itself. Washington DOT had a plow stationed at the pass and it looked like it had seen recent action by the clumps of snow still on the blade.

Liberty Bell in the Clouds

Fresh Snow Capped Mountains

Now for the fun part. Two weeks ago when we came through Newhalem, I took a few pictures. When I looked back at them versus this past weekend's shots, I could clearly see the change in colors in the foliage. Can you?

October 10, 2010 <----------> October 24, 2010

I wish the fall foliage lasted longer because I do enjoy the colorful displays Mother Nature puts on for us. I suspect our trips across the North Cascades this year are numbered based on the weather this past weekend and the forecasted 24" of snow over the next couple of days.


Gaelyn said...

Beautiful fall colors. Such a dramatic difference. You may have made your last trip over Hwy 20 for this year.

I remember being confused about the tamarack also. Sure was good hard wood to burn.

lizziviggi said...

I love the differences in the foliage! I agree, it goes by far too quickly. You captured some lovely color, though!