Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ready for Inspections!

The past several weekends have been busy. We've had a few friends pitch in (thank you soooo much!) so we could get to the point of being ready for our final electrical inspection and final building permit inspection.

Lighting fixtures have gone in, water heater up and running, a furnace that works and the woodstove hooked up are just some of the activities that have taken place. It is soooo nice to have a real working bathroom complete with shower!

First Dinner Under Lights

Karl the Electrician

Bill Starting on Side Entrance Steps

Finished Steps

Karl Working on Back Steps

Tim Hard at Work on Back Steps

Tim, Karl & Don - Teamwork

Bill Putting the Finishing Touches on Woodstove Chimney

Don Reinstalling Roof Panels

Moving the Beast into Position

It Works!

Here Comes the Propane Tank

Not everything was all work and no fun. Our first night with lights inside the house we played a few games of rummy.

Throw Out the Ace of Hearts, Dad!

A few opportunities to watch the sunrise also were enjoyed.

Sun Rising...

... and the Moon Setting

Early Morning Hiker

Visitor. Yuck. But Good for Future Rodent Control.

Next up - getting the electrical inspector in, then the building inspector for our occupancy permit. Our plans are to work on installing the wood laminate flooring during the winter months.

Thanks again to Don, Tim and Bill for their invaluable help and patience!

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Gaelyn said...

Looking really good. I assume that this has kept you too busy to post. So glad to see your house become a home.