Monday, November 29, 2010

City Slickers at the Chicken Dance Ranch - Lesson #2

As the Arctic blast continued to plaque the Okanogan, valuable lessons were still being taught to us city slickers at the CDR.

Lesson #2: Saving paperwork when building a house is a good thing; even if you weren’t the original purchaser of some materials.

The day after our arrival at the CDR, Karl noticed one of our living room windows had a crack in the glass. Of course, it had to be the largest window. Upon further inspection, an eight inch long crack was snaking its way across the inside pane of glass. We put a piece of tape on it hoping to stop any further progression of the crack. That didn’t work. The crack continued to grow inch by inch. 

 This Place Cracks Me Up

We knew where the previous owner bought the windows so we stopped in to inquire about warranty coverage on the window. The windows are only about three years old. Yes, we were told. The window should be under warranty. I still have a sticker from one of the living room windows that we will take in to help find the original purchase date. Hopefully we will be able to get the window replaced at minimal or no expense to us.

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