Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Dream of Jeannie

This past week, I traveled to Florida on business and stayed in Cocoa Beach. If you were growing up in the 60's, one of the shows on TV was "I Dream of Jeannie", starring Barbara Eden as Jeannie, the genie, and Larry Hagman as Major Nelson, an astronaut who finds her bottle and subsequently becomes her master. Major Nelson worked at Cape Kennedy and lived in Cocoa Beach.

In July 1996, the town of Cocoa Beach presented Barbara Eden with a street sign - "I Dream of Jeannie Lane". It was later installed on a short street off A1A.

Once I saw there was a street with this name, I had to go find it. Luckily it was not too far from my hotel.

While Cocoa Beach may have been the setting the Nelson home, many of the shots in the TV show had hills nearby. If you've ever been to Cocoa Beach, about the highest point is a bridge over the water. It is flat as a pancake. The house used in filming was actually at the Columbia Ranch site in California and those hills were the Hollywood Hills. Click on the link for the ranch to see more information on the house. Not only was it home to Major Nelson, it was also the home of Mr. Wilson from "Dennis the Menace", and the Andersons from "Father Knows Best", just to name a few.

I'll have more pictures from the Cocoa Beach area this week.


Small City Scenes said...

I was a Jeanie fan too.
A friend of mine visited Florida and being from here she scould not get over how FLAT it is. Funny huh.

You must get a pair of goats. always at least two. Snowflake and Stanley are Brother and sister. They are Pygoras--X Angora and Pygmy--so they are not too big. and they are fiber goats--so they can be useful. Oh Get some they are great pets and so much fun. MB

Gaelyn said...

This was one of my fave TV shows. I SO wanted to be a genie.

Cezar and Léia said...

Oh dear Sally this post brought to me so adorable memories of my childhood, thanks so much!I'm a big fan of genie!