Tuesday, November 30, 2010

City Slickers at the Chicken Dance Ranch - Lesson #3

Not only were we learning lots of lessons in dealing with sub-freezing temps, our dogs were trying to adapt as well.

Lesson #3 – Chihuahua dogs are not made for cold weather. Period.

We already knew our little Buddy, a Chihuahua mix pound puppy, was not a fan of cold weather. We had previous snow experience with him so we stocked up on sweaters, coats and other assorted doggie-wear to outfit him with some cold weather protection. He would be prepared.

Not even close. Two layers were insufficient for him to endure the below-freezing temperatures long enough to take care of his business. The coats and sweaters still exposed his thinly-furred belly and hind legs to the frosty blasts of air. He could only manage a quick yellowing of a snow drift before he’d stop dead in his tracks with a look on his face to “come pick me up!” He was too cold to move any farther.

We were getting worried that we’d have to find some place out of the wind, likely in town, where he could walk for a short period before being able to do his duty. We were ecstatic when after two days we had a break in the howling wind long enough for him to get ‘er done. And he quickly learned to run and sit in front of the woodstove immediately upon entering the house to warm his little doggie bones.

 Puh-leeze let me back in!

Do they make snowsuits with remote control flaps for dogs? That is what we really needed.

Jelly, even though she is a Chihuahua / beagle mix, is made of sterner stuff and was able to handle the colder weather much better than her adopted brother.



Small City Scenes said...

Well the dogs do seem to survive don't they.
We have two Chihuahua's here. One-ears down and one-ears up.
Napoleon (perfect name for hime) is a mix of we don't know what. He is my daughters dog. He is all light brown--no white.
Penelope is black and tan and big ears. She is Kylee's.
Of course everyone lives here. LOL
Love your CDR stories. MB

Gaelyn said...

Poor little Buddy. He looks pathetically cute. I think he needs a snow suit for sure. ;)