Thursday, March 17, 2011

Skywatch Friday - Just Another Day in Seattle

Seattle definitely has been living up to it's reputation lately. Rain, rain and yes, more rain. Our days begin and end with dreary gray skies. But all of that rain is what makes Washington the Evergreen State.

Sylvia @ Sylvia From Over the Hill and I spent some time together last Saturday checking out various parks and sights around Seattle. Mother Nature tried to dampen our spirits and fun, but we thumbed our noses at her and had a good time traipsing around the city. I can't wait until we have a nice dry and sunny day so we can visit some of these wonderful places again.

Raining in Seattle - View from Queen Anne

MV Kaleetan as seen from West Seattle

Its that time of the week where we go Skywatching around the world. Click on the banner above to start your journey. Thanks to the Skywatch team of Klaus, Wren, Sandy, Fishing Guy and Sylvia.

I will try to visit more blogs this week but my sister is getting married this weekend and there is a lot of wedding activity going on at my place. I'm the cake baker!! OMG!! What have I gotten myself into? Stay tuned for pictures.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Gaelyn said...

The Queen Anne view is So Seattle. Enjoy the celebration. Congrats to your Sis.

Sylvia K said...

We had fun anyway, didn't we? We had a beautiful day yesterday and it's supposed to be nice today as well -- but then you know you can't depend on not only Seattle weather, but the weathermen!!!


A Rural Journal said...

Gorgeous photos, Sally, despite the rain. Congratulations to your sister and I'm sure you cake will be delicious. :)

Regina said...

Beautiful Seattle!
Happy St Patrick's Day to you and congrats for the wedding!
Happy SWF.

Eve said...

Rain or shine, it's a beautiful city!

I confess, mine was taken last year, just at the start of summer. My brother in law was graduating from Seattle Prep, so we found ourselves up on the hill during a lovely sunset!

The rain is an important part of Seattle, but I am definitely looking forward to a bit of summer! ;)

Gary said...

The weather man is threatening rain here also. Although the Vermilon River may be just outside the rain area as we're colder. All that pure air... Ha ha. But you'll have the flowers earlier. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Joyful said...

You've managed to capture some beautiful scenes despite the gloom of winter rain. Enjoy the wedding!

joco said...

Surprise button is fun.
Weather does look a little depressing, but not the images that came out of them.

EG Wow said...

Seattle's skyline is pretty even in the rain. But I DO hope the sun shines for you very soon, Sally!

I look forward to seeing photos of the wedding cake. (What a wonderful sister you are!)

Anonymous said...

same weather down here. a little break today but more rain tomorrow.

what a beautiful capture of teh skyline.

Kim, USA said...

That looks so great!
Sky Watch Friday

Hildred and Charles said...

Those skies look rather familiar, - never mind - springtime and blue skies are on their way.

Bill S. said...

I too am waiting for all the clouds to hide themselves. We had a little sun today, but wind.

I love the Space Needle.

Modern Mom said...

Beautiful shot!

My entry.

Linnea said...

The gray skies lend a tinge of vintage to your scenes! These could be postcards from long ago!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the rain, but the effect is lovely: so misty and soft! Lovely shots.

Jidhu Jose said...

Nice shots
happy SWF

My Sky Watch Friday

Webster said...

That's the Seattle I love, and the view from QA that I regularly saw from Kerry Park, Thanks.

eileeninmd said...

Seattle is a beautiful city even with the gray skies. Congrats to your sister.

Irene said...

Nice shots ... I hope I can visit Seattle one day. I believe it's a lovely place!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

You do seem to get a lot of grey days in Seattle, don't you?


To those who are fond of the sky,
The best things in life are on high,
Where sun, moon and stars
And Venus and Mars
Provide a great feast to the eye.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Sky and Jacaranda

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

How great is it that you and Sylvia got to visit and tour her city together. Wonderful!

Thumb your nose at grey skies, that's what you have to do in the PNW this time of year I know!

The Kaleetan really stands out sharply in that photo. It's excellent.

AND enjoy the wedding! Hooray for all.

ros@dimaggio63 said...

Grande nave !!!!
Buona serata.
Myriam :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sally, We've had skies like this for months!.... Maybe you should concentrate on the baking while the weather is poor?.....:)

Pat Tillett said...

Great shots of a beautiful city! I've been there a few times and I don't know if I ever saw the sun for more than a few hours!
Have a great weekend!