Saturday, January 31, 2009

Let's Take a Drive

The weather was halfway decent today so I took a drive.

I wound my way around parts of Skagit Valley, from Fir Island on the south end to Edison up north. Just before reaching Bayview State Park, a series of new telephone poles were laying along the road waiting for installation.

At Ease Soldiers

I stopped at the state park where I saw a few eagles in the distance. The wind was blowing strong enough for a kiteboarder to enjoy himself. Personally I thought it was too darn cold to be out there, even with a drysuit on.

Escaping Boredom on a Board

Beach Scenery

I drove across country roads that I'd never been on, searching for things that made me want to stop and snap a photo. I was surprised by how many others were out driving around enjoying the day.

Skagit Barns

I'm trying to learn more about the different settings on the camera. I might get my own so I can continue to take photos when Karl is out with the other one. I believe I'm starting to have separation anxiety whenever I don't have the camera with me. You see things and go "If I only had the camera!"


Anonymous said...

Love the barns..Me too..I got a new Canon Rebel this summer and I do have a DVD to learn more about it as I don't have a 'Karl' only a Larry and he doesn't know..LOL...Michelle

Anonymous said...

Fantastic shots & I love the barns, both of them! That red one looks like it's in really good condition for being out in the open like that way up in Washington state! Love the charm of the old one, too, though... such character! =)