Monday, March 23, 2009

Life in the Cube Farm

After spending almost 10 years in a hardwall office with a door, as of today I now reside in the cube farm.

Wow! This will be an adjustment for me but I can deal with it. I still have a paycheck coming in...for the time being.

I have my iPod ready in case I need to shut out the noises around me. Before I could shut the door. No more cranking up the radio either.

What really will be an irritant is the new door bell that was installed. We used to have a receptionist, but that position ends this week. Now if someone comes into the lobby, there is a doorbell that can be rung. OMG! It is soooooo obnoxious and loud, and about 25 feet from my cubicle. I about came unglued when someone pushed it today. I will be talking to our site manager and see if the volume can be toned down. I am sure I am not the only unhappy person with this change.

There are a few others in our new engineering group making this same transition. We've changed floors so the old Engineering floor can be shut down as part of the overall closing of our location.

This Friday will be another hard day for many of us that are staying on. It will be the final day for the balance of the crew that are not continuing with the parent company. I know of at least 12-18 people who finish up this week. Talk about sadness. Good thing I stocked up on the Kleenex. I have a feeling they will be needed.

I'm still experiencing some survivor's guilt over all of this. Why me when there are so many other talented people who will no longer be employed after Friday. I'm hoping after this last exodus, it will ease up a bit.

But hey! It didn't rain earlier today. So all it not lost. :-)

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Small City Scenes said...

It is a real sad event taking place all over. When I was Phased out of the job before my last one I didn't want anyone to know. Well the manager and a few others knew but I just went on my last day and then left for good. Bye-bye. But when a bundh is leaving it is nice to have a good-bye party.
Rain today.
BTW The dragon gate is new but the alien has been there for ages. I think I was on west Camano dr. MB