Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Signs of Spring

I made another trip to Burien earlier today that also gave me the opportunity for some photography.

I went to Eagle Landing Park that is right on Puget Sound. After a short hike in from the road, I reached the top of the steps. Not just a few steps, but 257 of them.

What goes down, must come up!

View of Puget Sound near the top of the stairs

I started down a couple of flights and then happened to see a pair of bald eagles in a tree off to the side and behind me.

I tried to get a better angle on them but no such luck. So you'll have to settle for this.

Look closely and you'll see two eagles

I decided to skip the trip down the rest of the steps to the Sound and instead headed for a park near SeaTac airport, but not before seeing more signs of Spring.

Currant blooms

What is it? I'm not sure so post a comment if you know.

I felt like I hit paydirt at Moshier Memorial Park. The first jet I saw soon after parking the car was an Eva Air 747 cargo plane taking off.

Eva Air Cargo
Boeing 747

Then several smaller ones including these two.

Southwest Airlines
Boeing 737

Air Canada Jazz
Bombardier Dash 8-300

Then yet another jumbo cargo jet. All in a short amount of time.

Asiana Cargo
Boeing 747

It was great fun seeing these colorful aircraft. Sorry Alaska Air - I skipped taking pictures of your plain white planes.

Then it was time to head home.

This evening we had 5 hummingbirds on our new feeder. This is the most we have seen. I wish I could have gotten pictures, but maybe another day.

And to my sis - I'm proud of you! Three more days!!!

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