Friday, March 20, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It has rained off and on all week. From light, drizzling rain to downpours. Toss in some wind and now I know Spring has arrived. In like a lamb and out like a lion. Yup.

Today was no exception.

These pics could almost be Skywatch Friday Round 2 this week. Just when the sun came out and I saw blue sky, I looked westward and saw this coming in swiftly with the winds.

Storm Clouds Approaching

As I got closer into to Stanwood, you could see clear skies again. I think it must have been the rain shadow from the Olympics.

Is that a clear sky I see?

The weather forecast for tomorrow? I do believe we might be able to escape the rain for a day. Yippee!

[To my sister, if you are reading this, I'm thinking about you. Love you, brat girl! I'll talk to you in a few days.]


Kamera Kitty said...

Enchanting skies! Great shots!

Linnea W said...

Incredible skies! They look very threatening, especially that first one. I'm headed to Anacortes for spring break. I hope I have clear skies! Your SWF post below is beautiful...Thanks for visiting mine. Happy spring!

Pietro said...

What beautiful images, Sally!
I like stormy skies, and much better if there are thunderbolts! :-)
Have a good weekend!

Sharon said...

It is amazing how powerful clouds can look. Mother Nature can be pretty brutal at times. Beautiful shots!

Small City Scenes said...

I guess we see the same skies. I took a picture similar to your first and second one. Low sky for sure. The sun did shine today (Sat) but pretty cold. Yep--Spring. MB