Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Do Dogs Have 9 Lives?

Aside from the snow storm which gave us a day off from work, we had 2 VERY scary events with Buddy today.

First, Karl had Buddy & Jelly out playing in the snow in the front yard this morning. Buddy took off out into the road and narrowly missed being hit by a SUV. We are talking inches. He wouldn't come when called. Karl was able to finally get Buddy and brought both dogs inside. You could tell Karl was very shook up by it.

Then later in the afternoon, we took the dogs down to the park, away from the road, so they could run and play in the snow.

Jelly running in the snow

Hey! This is fun!

Maybe my ears will help me fly over the snow

Bridge over the creek in the park

The lake was starting to ice over and we watched as the dogs went out on the dock. In a blink of an eye, Buddy was gone! He went over the edge of the dock and broke through the thin layer of ice. We ran out on the dock and Karl was able to grab him. Luckily Buddy was swimming along the front edge of the dock.

Seconds before Buddy disappeared over the edge of the dock

Buddy shook off the water and started running towards shore with Jelly. It was business as usual for him. Karl and I were both shaken up by it and were anxious to get both dogs away from the water and back inside.

We've been having trouble with Buddy coming when called. He's still young and learning, but this is an important command for him to learn. I think it's time for dog training classes since he does not seem to be catching on. We cannot let this behavior continue.

Twice in one day we almost lost him. If Buddy was a cat, he would have used up a couple of his 9 lives today.

No ill affects from going overboard - Bite Me!

The snow has continued to fall all day. It started overnight and hasn't really stopped. Karl has had to make several treks outside to clean the snow off of the satellite dish. We called the kids and canceled family dinner night. We didn't feel it was safe for them to be out driving in these conditions.

Good news - I finished doing my Christmas cards. Now I just need to get stamps and mail them, hopefully tomorrow.

We started out with about 3" from the last storm. By noon, we were up to 7" and by 6:15 this evening, we had a solid 10" on the back deck. And it's still snowing.

Snowfall at Noon

Snowfall at 6:15 pm

Tomorrow should be an interesting commute if the office reopens. There's ice under the snow on the streets. Funny thing is Seattle didn't get much snow. Most of it fell in our area. Go figure. We have these weird conversion zones because of the Olympic and Cascade Mountains and Puget Sound in between.

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