Wednesday, December 10, 2008

North Cascades Highway Closed (temporarily)

It was announced today that Washington State DOT is closing the North Cascades Highway until at least next Monday. A major snow storm will be moving through the mountains and up to 3 feet of snow is predicted. Due to avalanche concerns, the state will shut the highway down between mileposts 134 east of Diablo and 170 west of Mazama.

If the danger from avalanches remain high on Monday, the highway may be closed for the season.

Map of Highway 20

Below is a slide show from the WA DOT website that shows the opening of the highway earlier this year. This will give you an idea on how much snow they get up there.

2008 Spring Opening

Once the highway shuts down, we will need to use US 2 to cross the Cascades to get to Okanogan. I don't particularly like going Highway 2, but that will be the farthest route north across the mountains before you get into Canada. It will also make for a longer drive. Boo hiss.

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