Thursday, December 18, 2008

Road Trip!

We needed to go to the store this morning, mostly to get food for Charlie, our parrot. Karl had his work cut out just trying to get the truck out of the driveway. This is after we had already cleaned the truck off the previous morning. I can tell you the Corolla won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

And yes, it had started snowing - again.

Before the Big Dig

Getting Closer - Anybody See a Toyota?

We checked with our neighbors to see if anyone needed anything. Bread, milk, eggs, the usual. One neighbor needed milk and another needed mail to go out. Then it was off to town.

Our road still had not been plowed and the ruts in the snow made it feel like the car ride at the amusement park where you "steered" the car, but the concrete strips actually kept it on course. The same thing was happening with the truck in the snow. Thank goodness for 4-wheel drive.

We got out to the freeway, still in 4x4 mode. We have never driven on I-5 in 4-wheel drive but we did today. Slowly, of course. It was amazing to see the idiots go flying past others considering the snow and ice on the road. You wonder why there are so many accidents. It's idiots like these. We even had a semi go screaming by us, and we were doing about 40 mph. Funny how when they came up on the State Patrol car sporting a set of chains himself, most of them slowed down.

I-5 South Approaching Exit 210

We decided to get some breakfast at IHOP. This was our second visit there. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't miss it if I never went to another one. The food is just so-so. At least our waitress was friendly. Busy, but friendly.

While we were eating, a couple of little boys were talking to their dad about the truck out in the parking lot with all of the snow on the roof. Compared to the other vehicles out there, nothing was even close. Karl also overheard two guys commenting on the truck.

Snow on the roof

After getting the errands done, back home we headed. We passed 7 or 8 semi trucks chaining up on the north side of exit 208. On the shoulder of I-5! You would have thought this was a mountain pass. Amazing, to say the least. But the further north you went, the worse the freeway got. They definitely needed those chains on their tires.

This is a view looking down our road on the way home. It was picturesque.

Snow Covered Road

The snow had changed to flurries by mid-afternoon, but in the past 36 hours (approximately) we received 13 inches of snow for a total of 16! Some spots in the backyard were close to 18 inches. This is the most I have ever seen since I've lived out here. And more is still to come.

Snow at 1:15 p.m.

Our mailbox looked so funny with the snow piled on top. I couldn't resist taking a picture. "Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the postmen from their appointed rounds". Guess what? This storm kept them from delivering mail today in our neighborhood.

Mailbox Snow Hat

Poor Buddy, when I took him out in the back yard (where I know he will be safe from cars and ice), he could only walk where I did. The snow is deeper than he is tall. I think he enjoyed playing in it again, especially when Jelly was out there, too.

Buddy Peeking Out from Under the Chairs

Our neighbors invited us over for dinner. We had a delicious pot roast and then apple pie for dessert. It was a good ending to a good day.

And no, the Christmas stuff never made it out of the attic. Our ladder is over at the cabin and we'll need to borrow a neighbor's ladder to get up there.

There's always tomorrow.

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