Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Howdy Neighbor!

I stumbled across my next door neighbor's blog today. I was looking for other blogs around Okanogan and opened one of the hits that I got. It was a great looking blog and had quite a bit about scrapbooking. I enjoy scrapbooking, although I haven't done much of it lately. Seems I've been busy building a house or two. :-)

Any way, in reading through this particular blog, I thought something looked familiar. Lo and behold, it was my neighbor! I thought this was so fun to find and know we share common interests in scrapbooking and photography.

I posted a comment in her blog about their Christmas tree. I hope she sees it. And I've added a new section with blogs I'm following. If you like scrapbooking, check out her blog.

1 comment:

okanogangirl said...


How exciting- that is so weird & ironic & exciting!

To know that my new neighbor is a fellow scrapper & photographer! Oh, now you have to get over to your cabin soon! Next time you're here you'll have to come check out my scrap space - and we'll have to scrap together!