Sunday, December 21, 2008

Power is still intact

Surprisingly, we haven't lost power...yet...knock on wood.

It has snowed off and on all day today, and it is snowing right now. I think we only got a few more inches, but it is hard to tell because of the drifting.

I checked the weather forecast a while ago and every day through Christmas calls for snow showers. We might just have a white Christmas, although I think it is likely we'll have rain before then. I think it will warm up too much for snow.

Still don't have the Christmas tree up. Shame on me. I know I have to do it before Wednesday. Scrooge is alive and well inside me.

Here are some pictures from yesterday as promised. It seemed strange seeing snowmobile tracks around here. I bet those people who own them never thought they'd be able to use them close to home. Usually you have to go up into the mountains to play.

I told you it was cold outside!

Downtown Stanwood

Snowy Farm with Snowmobile Tracks

I took the dogs out in the back yard earlier today and let them play. Our other camera shoots video so here's one of Jelly and Buddy having fun. Honestly!

All this snow has been hard on the trees. When I've been out shoveling, you can hear the tree branches cracking and snapping under the weight of the snow. Even our neighbor's cherry trees have been hard hit. These are thick trunked trees that seemed impervious to the snowfall, until now. It really is a shame. These trees are very pretty, especially when in bloom in the spring. Ahhh, spring...kinda hard to think about spring (or is it) with all of the snow. When the broken branches get removed, it might open up our view to the lake though.

Trees a few days ago

Trees today

Cracked Branch

I also took the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood. As expected, a few vehicles didn't make it up the hill last night. It's hard to tell from this shot, but trust me, the upper part of the hill was nasty.

Looking towards the steep hill - Merry Christmas!

In fact, our good friends' son's car wouldn't be able to make it up the hill today so he was going to park it in front of our house. He was on his way to the airport in Bellingham. Unfortunately, he couldn't even get to our neighborhood in it. We met our friends at the Park-n-Ride to pick them up after dropping off their own vehicle for their son to use to get to the airport.

Karl has enjoyed driving the truck in the snow. We drove up the hill with no problem. Good thing we have the truck. The Toyota is not going anywhere anytime soon.

It's Buried

It promises to be an icy commute tomorrow. I'm working, Karl's on vacation, so he'll be stuck at home unless he digs the car out. :-)

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