Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farrah and Michael

Sorry, I just feel the need to post about this. Both of these people played a part in my life growing up.

As a girl, we all wanted Farrah's hair, me included. The "winged" bangs and curls. All of it. My friends and I adored her. Plus I remember watching Charlie's Angels on TV week after week.

Cancer has claimed another life. This is a vicious disease and not even the rich and famous are immune from it. Yet another reason to support the American Cancer Society and Relay for Life.

As for Michael Jackson, wow! What a shocker to hear of his death today. He is just a few months older than me. It's a reality check for sure.

Regardless of his recent wackiness, eccentricities and alleged behavior this past decade, his music had a profound impact on me growing up. I remember as a young teenager having Jackson 5 posters on my bedroom wall.

When Thriller came out, I sang to every song and watched all of the videos on MTV. I never mastered the Moonwalk though. It just wasn't in me. But I was in awe of his dancing.

Michael got too weird for me with all of his plastic surgeries, but I will always remember the musical gift he had and shared with all of us.

What really hits home with deaths of both stars is their children. They have lost a parent today. No matter how famous they were, they were still parents and I feel sad for the children.

May your families find comfort in their memories of you and may you each find peace on the other side, Farrah and Michael. God bless you both.


JC said...

That was really well written.

I agree with you ... at least those who are my age ... 50ish ... we had both in our lives.

One for her beauty and hair and celebrity and the other for his music and later for his kind of odd life.

Either way, they both made their mark ... and to both go on the same day ...

Life is so precious ... one got a chance to say goodbye and the other didn't ...

You just have to enjoy life ... we get too busy and forget ...

And I was thinking about his kids. How old would they be now ?

Sara Chapman said...

I agree with your comments, and I would add that the world needs unusual people; what a world it would be with everyone the same. May they rest in peace.