Saturday, July 11, 2009

Going Back to Poland!

I'm excited because I'm going back to Augustow, Poland. I leave next weekend. I know I won't have much free time to sight see since I'll only be there for a week to give some training. Nevertheless, the Nikon will be going along because you never know what you might see! I was so frustrated with the little Sony Cybershot I used before but it was better than nothing at all. It will be nice to have the Nikon with me and a telephoto lens or two.

Remember, this is what northeastern Poland looked like the last time I was there in February. Cold and snowy. I can't wait to see it in the summertime!

Snow, snow, and MORE snow!

That's 28 degs F! And this was a warm day!

I will be staying in a different hotel on this trip and hopefully will have better Internet access so I can post pictures during my time there.


Linnea W said... exciting. Have fun - working - and taking lots of shots!

Gaelyn said...

Wow, only a week? Sure hope it's warm and not snowing. What will you be doing there?

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Sally: Do have a great time on your visit to Poland.

Kathy said...

Yeah! Glad you get to go back. I look forward to seeing summertime pics.
Have fun!

Luke Wiley said...

I can't stand the cold!

JD and Max said...

Hi - do have a fun time, looking forward to seeing your photos from the trip. BFN - CJ.

Karen said...

What fun !!!

hae a wonderful trip and I can't wait to see the photos !!