Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm Melting!!

This is the readout from my weather station at home today. The high was 103 degs F. One hundred and three! Thirty-nine degrees Celsius. And my house in not air conditioned.

My sensor is in a shaded area on my back porch so I feel it is fairly accurate. Notice the Heat Warning that is starting to scroll across the bottom of the display.

At 8:24 pm when I took this picture, it was 88 degrees inside the house. Whew! On the ride home from work this afternoon, the car's thermometer showed 105 degrees, but that was on hot asphalt.

Seattle broke an all-time high today. The National Weather Service recorded a temp of 103 at Sea-Tac Airport today that broke the previous record of 100 degrees last recorded in 1994. Today was the fifth consecutive day with temps above 85 degrees. The average temp for July is only 75 degrees.

Holy heat wave, Batman!

What I wouldn't give for a swimming pool, some air conditioning...wait! I have air conditioning. In the camper. We are sleeping in the camper tonight.


James said...

I can picture Al gore somewhere with an I told you so smirk on his face. j/k
Seriously though I can't imagine not having air conditioning in that kind of heat.

I hope it cools down soon.

Gaelyn said...

That's not good in Seattle area. I never had or needed AC there. I laughed about sleeping in the camper. Good idea.

Jenn Jilks said...

My hubbie is a weatherholic - he'd love this gadget.

So often I stick my head out of the doorway and figure out the current weather. Much more accurate than some sites.

We are cool in Central Canada, but I refuse to complain like everyone else you meet in town!!! In January, I love it, too!

Small City Scenes said...

Sally I am just plain HOT!!!! I know you are too. LOL
So how hot is it in Omak? Don't tell me it's a dry heat---it still is hot. MB

PERBS said...

And in Vancouver, WA, it was 108! We set records too. Followed by only 107 the next day. Thank goodness it was only in th 90's today.

Michelle Johnson said...

Maysville isn't seeing those sort of temperatures. We're staying in the 80's and 90's as a high.