Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Remember Whensday No. 6 - Grandparents

These are Karl's fraternal grandparents, Alma and Harold. Both of the photos are dated 1928.

I never got to meet Karl's grandfather since he passed away long before I came into the family. I only know him through some of the wonderful photographs he took.

Grandma was a special person. When I first met her, she was in her early 90's still living in her own house by herself with a wonderful garden. I loved going to San Diego to spend time with her. I always came home with different cuttings of her orchids and cacti. That woman had a huge green thumb. I still have a few cactus plants that are from her garden.

Grandma passed away in January 2007 just one week after her 100th birthday!

Alma & Harold

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Gaelyn said...

How nice to have the living memories of Alma's plants. Karl is fortunate to have this longevity in his genes. Nice post Sally.

Michelle Johnson said...

How wonderful Alma lived to be 100. I'm sure she's happy where she is because she's with Harold again. They're both in peace.

I wish I could say I had a green thumb but I'm afraid every plant within a few feet of me dies. Hope all is well. Good night~

Rita said...

Your photo of Harold reminds me of one my mother has of her father. It is from about the same time period and he is wearing the same glasses and hair style. Must have been the trend of the time.

I love to hear stories with such a happy ending. And, do understand how you feel about not knowing your husbands father.

Both of my husbands parents and my father had passed when we met so old photos and stories are all we have in way of reference to them.