Monday, July 27, 2009

Too Busy to Blog

It's been a very busy past few mom and her two traveling friends are in town so I've been spending as much time as possible with them (and it's been fun!) I've been taking pics but haven't had time to download and edit them. And not much free time to blog about it all either!

We needed to make a quick trip to Okanogan to pick up the camper. A quick trip included an overnight stay since we didn't leave until after work on Friday.

I played tour guide for the TTT's (as Mom and her friends call themselves) that including eagle watching, driving up Mt. Erie and visiting Deception Pass.

We've also had dinner together including Tim & Patti most evenings, too. The TTT's have their Rialtas parked at Tim & Patti's since my driveway is too small to fit them all.

Add in the heat wave we are having and there hasn't been much spare time nor energy to blog. I should be sleeping now but I wanted to share a few pictures.

View of Campbell Lake & Skagit Bay from atop Mt. Erie

Bridge over Deception Pass

Looking out towards Puget Sound

Zipping Through Canoe Pass (it's a looooong way down!)

The rest of the week and weekend will be busy too so I'll probably be skipping a few posts and memes this week.


chrome3d said...

There is some great views here despite the rush. I like those old bridges and that´s why number 2 is my fave from these.

Gaelyn said...

I figured you were busy with your Mom and the TTTs. They sure are having a great time in WA, and it seems everywhere they go. Hope the parts come in. Will they be going with you to the Okanogan?

You'll be missed, but no worry. Look forward to more of the story and pics.

JC said...

We just went camping to Deception last week. We go up to Mt. Erie too ...

Michelle Johnson said...

Nothing wrong with being busy from time to time. My favorite pics are two and four. Definitely great views. Have a great day.

James said...

Fantastic pictures. Wow, that is a really beautiful place!

koand said...

prześliczne zdjęcia , ładny most , pozdrawiam :)

Pyatshaw said...

Beautiful places!