Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Remember Whensday No. 10 - Old Fashioned Store

Grandpa Harold in his Store
I wish I had more information about this photo because I think it is a great picture. I do know that this is Karl's grandfather in his store that was located somewhere in San Diego. It think it was close to the Point Loma area where they lived. Look how neat and orderly the store was!

The picture was in an envelope of other pictures given to Karl by his grandmother before she passed away. Many of the pictures had dates and a brief comment on the back, but not this one. (So lesson learned - write who, what, when and where on any pictures for future generations!)

I know Grandpa Harold also owned a gas station but I do not know if the store was part of the operation. A precursor to the modern day convenience store, perhaps?

Remember Whensday is a fairly new weekly meme I started to continue sharing stories and pictures from the past. Won't you play along? Click on the badge below to start your trip down memory lane.


Gaelyn said...

Sally, it's like a picture postcard from the past. Reminds me of a store a great aunt & uncle owned in Wisconsin.
Very good advice about labeling photos. I'm anal about it.
Great post for RW.

James said...

Great picture. I love looking into the past.

Cezar and Léia said...

Hello dear friend!
You are right ... such a fabulous picture and sooo interesting!
Thanks for this creative and adorable post!

Hildred and Charles said...

I'll bet the service was wonderfully friendly in this store, it is so like stores in small towns fifty years ago.

Karen said...

Yes, that store IS very neat!

I sat with my mother-in-law and father-in-law for days and days a couple of years ago, going through all their old photos that were just thrown in boxes, while they argued between them about who exactly was in each one, and what year it was. We wrote names and dates on the back, then I took them home and scanned them so I could make a photo CD for my step-daughter for her birthday. WE have photos on there from the lat 1800's through 2006. While I would NEVER volunteer for that kind of drama again, it was worth effort.

Small City Scenes said...

super picture. I don't remember THAT far back. My grandparents on my Father's side had a Hardware store and i bet it looked spiffy clean like that one.

Sally not only was there a town called Fir right next to it was a town called Skagit City and the old school house is still standing. Skagit city was also built on the river so every year it flooded away so after I think the third school this one was built away from the river. If you turn down the first road once over the bridge from Conway it is then the second road on your left. Well preserved and a little history is posted there. MB

Ruth said...

I can hear people walking on those wooden floors. I like visiting old stores that try to replicate the general store of the past.

Pyatshaw said...

We have a store in our village that still looks much like this--much friendlier than supermarkets........but also much more expensive!

Michelle Johnson said...

Sally I love this RW picture. It looks so inviting, clean and organized. I'm sure Karl's grandfather was very friendly to his customers too. Hope all is well.

koala said...

It's great that you have that picture at all. My grand grandfather owned a store too. It's a great meme you started, would gladly be on board as soon as I get my hands on a scanner.