Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Remember Whensday No. 12 - Disney World

When I was about 13, my mother took me, my sister, Karen, and brother, Rick, to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The year was 1972 when it was just Disney World. No Epcot or anything else. Just Disney World. Accompanying us on vacation were my Aunt Sally (I am named after her), Uncle John and little cousin, Michael.

We camped at Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park campground close to Disney World. Yogi Bear came around each evening with his pic-a-nic basket handing out candy.

Which one of you is Boo-Boo Bear?

One of our favorite rides was the "tea cup". Our cousin, Michael, who was two years old at the time, loved it. The faster we spun the cup, the louder he screamed with joy. The strangest part is that he was afraid of most of the other rides and attractions at Disney. Go figure.

Faster! Faster!

One of the highlights of our visit to Disney World over the course of several days was dinner at Cinderella's castle. It was a big deal to me to eat there. It was Cinderella's house and what little girl didn't want to be a princess? The bad thing is I don't really remember much about the dinner itself except for two things. One was we were serenaded during dinner by a balladeer. The other involved a trip to the ladies room with my Aunt Sally (at least I think it was with her). Apparently a toilet overflowed while we were in there and I remember something about a "royal flush" of the wrong kind. No, we didn't cause it either. Some other peasant did.

Cinderella's Castle

Dinner at Cinderella's Castle
From left to right - Sally, Rick, Aunt Sally, Karen, unknown server, Michael & Uncle John

Some of our other favorite attractions were the Country Bear Jamboree and It's a Small World. I remember on our trip home my mom and Aunt Sally singing the theme song to It's a Small World. Even though we went through the attraction a couple of times during our visit, us kids never did catch on on how they knew the words to the song. We found out at Christmas when we received the album as a present.

(Click the link to hear the song and get it stuck in your head the rest of today)
Album Image Courtesy of Google

It's strange but cool to see that our favorites are still around at Disney World's Magic Kingdom park some thirty-seven years later. Talk about staying power. I did see that Jellystone Park is no longer. I have no idea if it still is a campground or if it was torn down to make way for some other theme park.

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Cezar and Léia said...

This post is so touching, so personal! Fond memories from childhood, thanks for sharing!
God bless you!

Gaelyn said...

Sally, what wonderful memories of Disney. I too always liked the teacups best. And Yogi Bear, how fun.

My family went to Disneyland, first time for me in the 60s.

Thanks for the memory and the meme.

James said...

It's great that you have pictures of your Disneyworld visit back then. Oh the fun teacups I wouldn't go near them now. :-)

In 1972 I lived pretty close to Disneyland and we went a couple times per year but I'm pretty sure there aren't any pictures. :-(

Ms. Fiddlesticks said...

Nice trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing. Poor yogi. How did he end up at Disney World?

Hildred and Charles said...

Your memories are wonderful, and it sounds as if you had barrels of fun - or at least tea cups of fun!

Ruth said...

Great pictures and great memories. I have never been to Florida, yet Disneyland is a favourite destination for many Canadians.

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

I never went there as a child.. but have gone with both the kids and now our grandson.. you are so lucky to have your very own childhood memories of Disneyland!

Lew said...

Nice memories you have from way back then! We were there in 2003 with Marianne's son and grandkids.

Hildred and Charles said...

Sally, it's Hildred again, - really messed up the postings on Remember Whensday by automatically putting my daybyday address in THREE times, instead of Recollections. So sorry, - can you delete them, - I tried but wasn't able to... Klutz, I think, - very busy klutz last 24 hours....

Michelle Johnson said...

What a wonderful trip you and your family were able to enjoy. I remember Space Mountain most from my trips to Disney World as the first time I was about 7- 9 yrs old and my knees were shaking when I got off. I think I screamed through the whole thing. I cried when I got off. The next time we went I was in my 20's and thoroughly enjoyed the ride. I absolutely hate that song It's A Small World Afterall because that's all my mother would sing when we went to Disney World the first time. It really does stick with you a long time. Hope all is well. Have a great day.

Karen said...

Cute Kids!