Saturday, August 15, 2009

Camera Critters #71 - Chipmunks 36, Jelly 0

Captured by my husband a few weekends ago...

Hey, I smell a chipmunk.

What's all this dust? What are you doing, Jelly?
I'm going in!
I'll get you yet, you tasty little morsel!
Umm, all I got was dirty. Mom's gonna be mad.
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Mara said...

I love this! Fantastic how his bum is in the air while he's trying to get under the stairs.

i beati said...

good action story loved it sandy

Larry D said...

Great series, this guy looks determined!

Gaelyn said...

ROFL!!!! Can barely see to type.

Michelle Johnson said...

LOL Sally~ What a delightful animated story. I'm sure Jelly didn't like getting dirty to come up empty handed or, in this case, mouthed.