Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fishing Fun Day Sunday

We had a beautiful day in the Northwest today. Afternoon temps were 48 F and the sun was shining. Hard to believe it is still the middle of winter.

Karl met up with some kayaking fishing buddies at Lake Goodwin this morning. We had worked it out so I would bring over the goodies for grilling burgers around noon.

I had to turn around halfway to the park and go back to the grocery store because I brought just about every BUT the burgers. They were at home in the freezer. DUH!

Jelly & Buddy went along since the weather was so nice. I think they enjoyed themselves although most of the time they were on their leashes. Gotta keep them safe.

Chef Karl Grilling Up Burgers

After lunch, I walked down to the lake where several strands of floats were lined up along the beach. I decided to snap a few pics since they looked so neat with the sun shining on them.

Then I came home with the dogs and ended up taking a long nap. I hope I can sleep tonight!

Karl didn't catch any fish today (or yesterday either), but still had a good time out on the lake. If every cast hooked a fish, it wouldn't be called fishing. I think two straight days of kayaking wore him out since he fell asleep just after 8 p.m.

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday.

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