Monday, January 19, 2009

No Monday Morning Blues for Me

What a way to start a week! I received an email from my former boss asking me to talk to him first thing Monday morning, which I did. I was offered a position on a new team that was being put together to work on boats in Europe.

I wasn't the first choice for the job. The person originally slated to fill the spot opted to take a new job with another company. I was asked to fill his shoes and big shoes they are at that. But I am ready for a new challenge and feel grateful for the opportunity that is being given to me.

I accepted the position which will allow me to continue with my current employer, just in a different capacity. It will involve traveling to Europe and I am looking forward to it.

I sent an email to Okanogan County earlier today to advise them of my change in status. I didn't hear anything back so I hope everything is okay. I wasn't offered a job from them so officially I didn't decline a job with them.

Now I feel excited to go to work again. It was getting very weird and depressing going in day after day and still will feel strange as others continue to leave. I almost feel guilty that I am being allowed to stay on.

Karl took me out to dinner tonight to celebrate. It is a relief knowing I don't have to job hunt for the near future and two paychecks will continue to roll in and allow us to finish the house and guest cabin in Okanogan.

I said lots of prayers over the past few weeks and indeed feel blessed by Him.

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