Monday, January 12, 2009

Necesito Una Siesta

In other words, I need a nap.

After receiving the notice yesterday (because I failed to get the mail out of the box on Saturday), I did not get much sleep last night. Too much running through my brain and I had a very difficult time shutting it down. What sleep I did get was very restless.

Do I go over after work on Tuesday or should I get up early on Wednesday and drive over in time for the test (which isn't until after lunch)? Do I get a hotel room or try to stay at the cabin? WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?!

Questions, questions.

A nice little power nap after work helped to put things in perspective.

Luckily, the weather at Stevens Pass is supposed to be good Tuesday and Wednesday. I'll be taking the camera and hope to get some get photos during the trip.

Wish me luck!

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