Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Round One - Finished!

Today I went to Okanogan for the first part of my Civil Service test. Today's test was supposed to start off with the typing portion (which it didn't). Instead we started off with a vocabulary test (I missed 2 questions), then a filing test (I missed 3, dagnabit) then a reasoning test (where I scored 100% - woo hoo). We wrapped it up with a spelling test that was not scored.

The top 15 scorers would then "advance" to the interview round. I was #2. Not bad. The #1 finisher sat next to me during the test. She was a nice gal and if she got the job, I think she'd do real well at it.

I have to take the typing test at the WorkSource center in Omak sometime before the interview on Friday. I'll try to do that tomorrow or first thing Friday morning.

Before I went to for the test, I drove up to the cabin since I had time. Yup, there was snow there, approximately 12" to 18" deep. Some spots I was up to my knees in it. I trudged through it up to the cabin from the road. After 1-1/2 trips, I decided I would need to stay in town for the evening. I wasn't willing to risk it in the dark.

The test was supposed to go until about 4 or 4:30 p.m., then I would need to grab a bite to eat. That would put me up there in the dark with just a flashlight to navigate the distance to the cabin. I could do it...if I had to, but decided not to deal with it.

I'll try again tomorrow when I have more time. I'll also be able to take pictures for posting later.

For now, I'm staying at a friend's house in Twisp for the evening. That's why I have internet access.

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