Saturday, January 24, 2009

Out of Control Pantry

I'd like to tear our pantry entirely apart and re-do it, but that costs more money than I have to spend. The shelves are too deep to make it easy to find things, they aren't adjustable, and it doesn't take long for the pantry to look like a disaster zone.

Today's project was to clean it out and straighten it up. A quick trip to the hardware store beforehand for a few baskets, and the update commenced.

Pantry Before

Because the shelves are deep, items have a tendency to get pushed to the rear and forgotten. I checked the expiration dates on foods before I put them back on the shelves. Lo and behold, I filled our kitchen garbage can up with expired foods. I recycled where I could but some things were just too messy to deal with recycling.

I'll see how long the neatness lasts in the pantry. At least I can close the doors.

Pantry After

At some point, I know I need to rip the current shelves out and totally re-do it, but for now I'll have to keep it as is.

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