Thursday, January 8, 2009

What a Difference a Week Makes

We came home early from work today because there was talk of shutting I-5 North down at the Arlington / Island Crossing exit. The interchange itself was closed because of water over the ramps and at one point only two lanes were getting through. Rather than risk getting stuck without an alternate route home, many employees left early including us.

The docks at our community lake are under water except for the floating section at the end. You can't even get to them unless you are wearing hip waders.

Community docks under water

The Stillaguamish River went over its banks and flooded the valley between Silvana and Stanwood.

Stillaguamish Valley between Silvana & Stanwood

It is just amazing how much water is around here when just a week ago we still had plenty of snow on the ground from the storms at Christmas.

The Stilly was scheduled to crest this afternoon at record levels. Many people will have a mess to clean up when the river finally recedes. I am thankful we are not affected at our house.

Hope your weather is good today wherever you are.

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